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Manaslu Circuit Trek è un esclusivo pacchetto che porta i trekkers nell'incontaminata regione Manaslu. E' considerata da molte guide come il miglior trekking a livello globale in Nepal ed è una grande alternativa ad Annapurna Base Camp Trek per non imbattersi in folle numerose También conocido como el circuito del Manaslu es una caminata de unos 18 días alojándose en casas de té, y haciendo una circunvalación a la octava montaña más alta del mundo, el Manaslu con 8.156 metros de altura Il circuito del Manaslu, vetta di stupefacente bellezza alta 8.156 metri, è indubbiamente uno dei trekking più spettacolari al mondo: in questo lungo percorso che risale la valle del Budhi Gandaki e ridiscende lungo la valle Marsyangdi, avremo modo di ammirare massicci innevati, popolazioni tibetane ed ambienti rurali incontaminati dal turismo di massa Tra i percorsi di trekking più impegnativi in Nepal, Manaslu offre uno spettacolo maestoso. La nuova prova del circuito di Manaslu ha lasciato la maggior parte dei visitatori impressionati dalla sua bellezza serena e pura natura selvaggia. Il Manaslu ha formato una barriera naturale tra il Nepal e l'altopiano tibetano Manaslu circuit does not reach the restricted area of the trail, but this is one of the perfect circuit for exploring the people and lifestyle of the people living here. This region is mainly dominated by a huge group of Gurung community. Their lifestyle and traditional practice Is unique and antique

(Redirected from Manaslu Circuit) Manaslu (Nepali: मनास्लु, also known as Kutang) is the eighth-highest mountain in the world at 8,163 metres (26,781 ft) above sea level. It is in the Mansiri Himal, part of the Nepalese Himalayas, in the west-central part of Nepal Welcome to Manaslu Circuit Treks Manaslu Circuit Treks (MCT), a trekking agency based in Nepal offers the best tailored and exclusive tours and treks to Manaslu region. MCT undertakes mountaineering and adventurous activities in Manaslu region, highly focused on safety and quality Il Circuito del Manaslu è uno dei percorsi più spettacolari dell'Himalaya. Questo itinerario circumnaviga lo splendido massiccio del Manaslu e nella parte finale si collega al Circuito dell'Annapurna

Il Circuito del Manaslu è definito da molti il più bel trekking del Nepal, una fama recente, dato che sino a pochi anni fa questa regione era proibita agli occidentali Manaslu circuit trek map guides you for this amazing trek. Manaslu Circuit Trek, titled as the untouched natural paradise rural valley trail, is monumental for its unwonted Mountain View and land topography

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  1. The Manaslu Circuit is getting more and more popular as a new trekking destination but it still sees fewer trekkers compared to the established trekking routes in the Annapurna region. The circuit is a stunning trek with spectacular views of Mount Manaslu (8163 m) and the Ganesh Himal Range, among others
  2. ata. È un trekking di media difficoltà che dura circa 13-15 gg
  3. Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most beautiful as well as demanding treks in Nepal. Trekking in Manaslu is a delightful experience with a blend of adventure, scenery, culture, lifestyle, and wildlife. Located in the western part of Nepal, this trek provides you with an opportunity to encircle around the world's 8th highest massif, Mt. Manaslu
  4. Manaslu circuit trek is famous high experience grand trail in Nepal. We have two distinctive beginning stage for 13 days Manaslu trek. There are many course openings equaling a result of Road construction. To avoid the road, whereas we propose you begin the outing from Barpak
  5. As the Manaslu Circuit is a restricted area, you need at least two people to get a permit and a start date. Keep reading to find out which permit you need. What Is The Best Season for The Manaslu Circuit Trekking? Manaslu and the entire Annapurna Region, along with the rest of Nepal has 4 distinct seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
  6. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote trek on the Great Himalaya Trail. In 15 days, it takes us around Manaslu, the world's eighth highest mountain at 8,163 m. Th..

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Surely of all the wonders in the world, the horizon is the best. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a standout amongst the most awesome treks in the Himalaya. It is limited on the east by the Ganesh Himal and the Buri Gandaki River pig out, on the west by the profound crevices of the Marshyangdi Khola with its Annapurna scope of slopes, toward the south in the Gorkha town in. With Manaslu Circuit Trek, a trip to Tsum Valley is an amazing add-on, allowing you to see even more remote aspects of the Manaslu region. Treks to Manaslu are becoming very well known in trekking circles — but it has always been rather niche. Only avid trekkers or people who are familiar with remote trekking trails have been there Manaslu Circuit Trek offers an experience for the areas less traveled Nepal. The region of Manaslu is located in the western part of Nepal. It is home to Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world. The Manaslu trek region opened to expeditions for trekking in 1992

Short Manaslu Circuit Trekking an exciting and marvelous adventure with Well Plan Treks where you will soak within the beautiful scenery of high green hills, snowcapped peaks of Manaslu Himalaya range and cultural villages of great fascinating traditions.Manaslu Circuit Trekking, which was closed for outside visitors for long period and it was re-opened for the last two decades, Mt. Manaslu. Manaslu Circuit Trek lies in Gorkha Dirstict of Nepal. Manaslu Trekking takes you around the Manaslu region & Larke Pass, the major highlight of the trek Questo trekking di 15 giorni sul circuito di Manaslu è un'opportunità unica per vivere la regione relativamente incontaminata lungo il confine tra Nepal e Tibet. Goditi viste spettacolari dell'Himalaya e incontra i locali della regione lungo il percorso Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote and unspoiled trek region in Nepal with spectacular views of Mount Manaslu and many other Himalayas. The Manaslu is the eigh..

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The Manaslu Circuit makes its way around Manaslu—the 8th highest mountain in the world at 26,781 feet—and encompasses spectacular mountain views, remote villages, and Tibetan Buddhist culture Manaslu circuit trek not only fulfil your trekking desire, it gives you a grand opportunity to enjoy with natural beauty and Buddhist cultural. The wonderful mountain Manaslu a wall of snow and ice hanging in the sky and view of white Himalayas such as Ganesh Himal, Mount Manaslu, Ngadi Chuli, Himalchuli, BouddhaHimal and other Annapurna range, Siring, etc are attraction points Manaslu Circuit Itinerary. We can make the Manaslu itinerary in between 12 days to 21 days. The 12 days and 14 days itinerary is for Short Manaslu Circuit Trek. Here I've made 12 and 14 days itinerary. For Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Hiking, 21 days will require

The Manaslu Circuit trek without a guide or a solo-trek is not possible as the area from Jagat to Bhimthang is a restricted region. An alternative for you would be to hire a local porter/ guide instead. Also, after the April 2015 massive earthquake, the trekking route did get damaged Manaslu Trek is in close proximity to the capital city of Kathmandu and has been immensely popular since the trail was officially opened in 2010. Trekkers who had to camp previously can now stay in various teahouses. Beautiful scenic trail. In terms of beauty, the scenic Manaslu circuit trek is second to none

Manaslu Circuit, Annapurna Circuit Photos. Derek Boniecki. October 24, 2011. Manaslu Circuit, Annapurna Circuit Photos. Derek Boniecki. October 24, 2011. Thanks to Kumar, Rajendra, Kam and Suri from www.mountainsunvalley.com. I did this trip alone with my Nepali friends Manaslu Circuit Trek starts with an altitude of 700 meters at Sotikhola and reaches up to the height of 5213 meters at Larkya Pass. So, you as ascend to a higher altitude, the risk of altitude sickness increases too. Acute Mountain Sickness is very common during High altitude treks On the Manaslu Circuit Trek, like the Annapurna Circuit Trek, you will get to enjoy the river valleys, deep gorges, glaciers, glacial valleys, moraines and many more. On the trail, you will get many chances to encounter blue sheep, musk deer, leopards, Himalayan yellow-throated martin, Himalayan black bears, Hoary-bellied Himalayan squirrels, Red Panda, and even snow leopards Manaslu Circuit Trek in September is the perfect month for experiencing the both monsoon and spring season. You will get the opportunities to view the clear blue skies, soothing weather and the lush greenery lying around. Trekkers can get a chance to view the seasonal vegetation. Manaslu Circuit Trek n September experience you the very little rain

Manaslu Circuit trek is often regarding as the best treks in Nepal. It is now a great alternative of the Annapurna circuit trek. This 14 days trek starts from Sotikhola and ends at Besisahar. It can be extended to 22 days with an addition of a side trek of Tsum valley. The circular trek around Manaslu counts as one of the truly great Himalayan. Trekking the Manaslu circuit is just magnificent! It comes as a total experience: the scenery, the ambience, the mountain people, the fellow trekkers. But it should also come as a sobering experience : how lucky we are to be able to do this trek and to take it as a holiday while you traverse the livelihood of people that are trying to carve a living in that very beautiful but harsh and. Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world, many travelers visit this circuit every year. The routes are restricted so you will be needing a permit to trail in these routes. Manaslu Trek map gives you important information for trekking in this circuit

Manaslu Circuit trek is far less crowded and features all the great aspects of a classic trek in Nepal, which remains a true remote adventure, epic scenery, a spectacular suspension bridge crossing, and a high Himalayan passes (5125 m). The trek is off-the-beaten-path compared to the better known Tea-house treks Manaslu Circuit trek is rated moderate. Difficulty ratings measure from the various part such as hours of hike, distance, altitude gain, etc. However, the primary concern is altitude sickness and acclimatization. Although it is a high pass trek, the chance of being sick in Manaslu is lower compear to other base camp trek in Nepal I hiked the Manaslu circuit and a portion of the Annapurna circuit with a friend over eighteen days. We started our trek in mid March and couldn't have asked for better weather. Read full article to know about both Manaslu and Annapurna circuit trek Manaslu circuit trek is one of the off-beaten treks in Nepal takes you through the remote villages, lush green forest, passing several rivers, waterfalls, and witnessing the adorable mountain vistas. The Manaslu region is full of abundant natural beauty and a notion of complete peace Manaslu Circuit with Tsum Valley Trek is one of the most popular tea house trek in Nepal. It is renowned for its unique off the beaten track and 8th highest peak - Mt Manaslu (8163 m). This trek is designed by merging two different trekking routes.

World → Asia → Nepal → Manaslu Circuit High altitude trekking is dangerous - Oct 2014 Nepal snowstorm disaster ☹️ One of the best hikes in the world. Manaslu Circuit. The NEW Annapurna Circuit? Many would argue that the Manaslu Circuit trail is the best general trek in the country, with colourful cultures and dramatic valleys against a backdrop of classic Himalayan peaks Viaggi. Entra. Kathmand The Manaslu circuit trek or Manaslu larke pass trekking tour lies in 100 Kilometers northwest from Kathmandu in the lap of Manaslu Himal. Mount manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. The around Manaslu trek is very popular last couple of years especially after the Earthquake disaster in 2015 The Manaslu Circuit Trek features everything you'd want from a classic trek in Nepal: Epic scenery, intimate encounters with local people and their ancient culture and a 5100m (17,000-ft.) Himalayan pass crossing. Kimkim's trusted partners in Nepal organize weekly group departures during the Spring and Fall trekking seasons, as well as private treks that can run on any date from February to.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is extended and strenuous trek, circling the Manaslu range was opened to trekking in 1992 along with Mustang. Going north, up the river valley of the Budi Gandaki and then behind Mt. Himalchuli (7893 m.), Peak 29 (7839 m.) and Mt. Manaslu (8118 m.) to cross the Larkya La Pass at 5213 m., this fascinating trek explores areas and the way of life unchanged for decades and. Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trip Highlights. Visit the famous town Gorkha. Charming views of Manaslu & surrounding Himalayan range. Long walk up through the Budi Gandaki valley. Traditional village lifestyle and culture. Terraces of crop fields. Tibetan culture and high pass crossing Larke la (5210m)

Manaslu Circuit Trek is graded as a challenging trek. This trek helps climbers to test their skills and improve their endurance. Such high-altitude treks should not be underestimated, and climbers should approach the trek with proper training Manaslu Circuit treks are one of the most beautiful trekking routes in Nepal, where you can see, world 8 th highest mountain including many beautiful mountains peaks. trekking to Manaslu is not an. Circuito del Manaslu Il Manaslu (8.163 mt) e' l'ottava vetta piu' alta del pianeta. Il circuito del Manaslu e' un trekking mediamente impegnativo e ci offre uno sfondo puramente culturale Manaslu Circuit trek is one of the amazing trekking destinations Nepal has to offer. It is an epic walk around Mt. Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world. Trekking to Manaslu region opened for foreigners only in 1991 and it is still a restricted region

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Manaslu circuit trek. Manaslu trek is a Manaslu circuit trek because of the trek circles the Mt.manaslu 8153 meter and reach to the Marshyandri river valley. The Marshyandri river comes from the Annapurna mountain ranges. The trek starts from the Budhi Gandaki river valley and ends at Besisahar Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best off-the-beaten-trail treks in Nepal. It is an ultimate paradise for those travel fanatics who are looking for an adventurous journey in the Himalayas. This magical journey takes you to the foothill of Mt. Manaslu, the world's 8th highest mountain Around Manaslu trek begins by sightseeing of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu to trekking in the beautiful Manaslu region. While on the trip we get to marvel at the magnificent views of Mt. Manaslu (8163m), the eight tallest mountains in the world, coupled with a chance to witness the rich local heritage and [ Manaslu circuit trek is the top unequaled Himalaya Nepali distinctive cultures, famous hiking region along the remarkable Himalaya trail Manaslu and Annapurna. Mt. Manaslu Larkye pass 5163m trekking is these days advanced hiking trail. The best trip for your lifetime in Nepal

The Manaslu Circuit is just as varied as the Annapurna circuit trek. The great advantage of the Manaslu Circuit is that you can hike through a tranquil region. As a trekker you are obliged to hire a guide and only a registered trekking agency may issue a trekking permit for you. Due to this measure many backpackers stay away from this circuit Qualcuno ha già fatto il trekking del Manaslu? Ho in programma di farlo a fine ottobre..

Manaslu Circuit Trek. 242 likes. Travel and tour operator base in Nepa Beyond Manaslu, the climb continues until we reach the majestic Larkya La, which affords outstanding views in every direction of the Himalaya. After crossing the pass, we complete this rewarding circuit of Manaslu in the bustling villages of the Annapurna region Manaslu circuit often gets overshadowed by other trekking routes but is now being considered as an underrated trekking route of Nepal and the number of people trekking the region is increasing each season. Unlike Annapurna and Everest, Manaslu is lesser known and is ideal to avoid crowded trails Manaslu Circuit - 15 Days A hidden gem - the Manaslu Trek remains remote and off the beaten track Mt. Manaslu (8156m ) is the eighth highest mountain in the world and one of the fourteen 8,000 metres plus peaks

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3. Manaslu circuit trek is less touristy and less crowded. Due to the government restrictions and less popularity the Manaslu circuit trek gets fewer tourists than the other trekking trails of Nepal such as Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Annapurna circuit trek and poon hill trek.As all of us know that most of the trekkers don't like to be in a crowd while on holiday Manaslu Circuit Trek is well-known peers of Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit but far less crowded than them. Manaslu is getting out popularity, but we still see fewer trekkers on the trail The trek is wild and remote, yet there are tea houses at the everyday stage, so trekkers don't need to bring tents and food, making it more accessible and affordable than similar treks Explore Manaslu is not just the places in Nepal, where there are travel deals, but places that transform us when we visit. Nepal is the real an engrossing place where towering white Himalaya touch the blue sky; monks peacefully meditate in ancient mountainside monastery Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best treks in the Himalayas. Located in Gorkha District, the region adjoins with the Tibetan Plateau offering its trekkers an amazing adventure experience. Manaslu Circuit Trek offers exploration around remote villages, beautiful valleys and amazing mountain views coupled with crossing challenging Larkya La Pass at 5135 meters

Manaslu Circuit Trek Introduction: The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most challenging and popular off-beaten treks in Nepal. The trek is mainly renowned for the spectacular glimpse of numerous snow-capped peaks including the 8 th highest mountain in the world, Mt. Manaslu (8,163m/26,781ft).Besides that, the trek offers pristine nature, biological diversity, traditional culture, untrodden. Manaslu circuit - Hiking route - Nepal. Back. Start Routes Manaslu circuit. Share Bookmark My Map Print GPX KML Plan a route here Copy route Plan joint trip Embed Fitness Manaslu circuit. Hiking route · Nepal Responsible for this content. Děvče z hor / Photo: Děvče z.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days begin from Gorkha Arughat after 7 to 8 hours drive from Kathmandu valley. At the time of trekking, we will have a great view of the mountain, beautiful village, landscapes, and flora, and fauna of this region. Trekking trails follow Buri Gandaki River all the way to Dharamshala Manaslu circuit trekking exhibits the sensational mountain vistas, fascinating culture and biological diversity, spanning altitudes from 600 to 5500 meter - one of the Nepal's last Himalayan jewels. This trek suits best to those who are looking for the challenging but less trodden trekking in Nepal, is also a part of the Great Himalayan trail Following are the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost 1. Transportation Expenses: The trek begins from Arughat or Sotikhola. To reach there, you have to go through to the off-beat roads either by taking a local bus (which is mostly packed) or hire a private jeep (which is preferable) Manaslu Circuit Trek is regarded as the best all-around trek in Nepal and it's on the Great Himalaya Trail. It's another name is green tea- house trek. While on the trip to Manaslu we get to marvel at the magnificent views of snowy Mt. Manaslu (8163m) , the eight tallest peaks in the world which is in the very center of the Nepalese Himalaya ranges

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Manaslu Circuit Trek (Manaslu Trek) is one of the most adventurous trekking trails. It provides amazing mountain views, rich cultural heritage, genuine adventure, and natural diversity. The name Manaslu means the spirit mountain. The local dialects refer it to be the benevolent and strong deity that dwells within The Manaslu Circuit trek is getting popular. Our cute little cottage in Lho. Interestingly enough, I found out that it costs as cheap as NPR 500 to get a permit for chopping down any tree in the forest. The costly part is to get them sawed into planks and brought back to construction site

trip Overview. Manaslu Circuit Trek via Larkya Pass journeys you through lowlands and low-altitude villages, high altitude settlements and alpine pastures, through banks of rivers and roaring fountains, in a region with untouched nature and varying culture and ethnicities.Like the famous Himalayan treks of Nepal, viz, Everest and Annapurna treks, our Manaslu Circuit Trek brings a deep. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a challenging trek goes around the World's eighth highest peak, Manaslu (8,163 m) and is officially granted permits to trekkers in the Manaslu region in 1991. While trekking to this remote Manaslu region, you will get an opportunity to experience the indigenous cultures and traditional lifestyle.. We begin our journey from Kathmandu to the trailhead in Arughat bazaar. Manaslu Circuit Trek, Katmandu. Prenota Manaslu Circuit Trek a काठमाडौँ, Nepal da Viator Manaslu Circuit Trek in October 2020 gives you lifelong memory. Shocking panoramas of scenery, the lakes, the icy masses, falling cascades, greenery, floras and faunas are amazing. You will be just capturing the images. And those images will be the perfect thing to share with your friends and family after The Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you from just 700m altitude at Arughat (or Gorkha Bazar) up to 5160m on the pass - a tremendous range of altitudes, temperatures and micro-climates! Finding the balance between hot and cold, views and nature, peak and off peak is key

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12 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek. Untouched wilderness trek and a full-on adventure to a spectacular region with the main attraction, the iconic Mount Manaslu (The Spirit Mountain). This trek has everything you would wish for and more in just 12 days: incredible mountain views, astounding natural beauty, and rich in Tibetan culture Trekking around Manaslu circuit offers quite a unique opportunity to experience a reasonably untouched region of Nepal. This region sees few trekkers, which makes the visit here more exclusive and unspoiled. Manaslu, open for trekking since 1991, provides spectacular beauty along the border of Nepal and Tibet We've got 64 tours going to Manaslu Circuit Trek, starting from just 11 days in length, and the longest tour is 26 days. The most popular month to go is October, which has the most number of tour departures. Dates & length Places Filters. 64 Manaslu Circuit Trek holiday packages with 219 review

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Manaslu Circuit trek would appeal to anyone who is looking for a challenging trek in a remote region of the Nepal Himalaya. The trail passes through a geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating area with scenery similar to the classic Annapurna Circuit although the trails are not as popular with trekking groups Manaslu Circuit Trek is a 14-day journey into one of the most underrated trails in Nepal. Few visitors have been to this area, so those that do are granted with an enriching cultural experience and heavenly mountain landscapes all to themselves Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty. The total length of the Manaslu Circuit trek is around 177 kilometers. You will be trekking for 10 days covering a distance of 15-20 kilometers every day. Another factor that determines the difficulty of this trek is the uphills and downhills you will encounter along the way

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Manaslu Circuit Trek offers beautiful wilderness surroundings and leaves its visitors speechless! It is considered as one of the best treks of Nepal.. As you hike from village to village, on this 12 day Manaslu Circuit Trek, tackling the challenging terrains, you will experience an array of indigenous wildlife, geological wonders, the ruins of an ancient civilization, and some of the best. Manaslu Circuit Trek cancellation policy: If you cancel at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel between 3 and 6 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee The Manaslu circuit is a restricted trekking area. You must take necessary permissions for the trek before organizing the trek. Related: Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. Trip Highlights of 16 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek. A cultural exploration of the diverse ethnic communities in the Manaslu region. The remarkable scenic range of biodiversity and nature Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Having an altitude of 8,163 meters (26,781 ft), the mountain lies in Gorkha district of Nepal. The highest point reached along the trekking path is the Larkya La at 5,106 meters (16,752 ft). Manaslu circuit trek is one of the popular treks in the world Manaslu trek still remains a true remote adventure, despite its increase in popularity in recent days. Many experts consider the Manaslu circuit trek among the best treks in the world. The trail passes through a geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating area with scenery similar to the classic Annapurna Circuit

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Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most selling and offering trek from Nepal. If you want to see the Tibetan culture in Nepal, of course, you have to go to Manaslu valley. Hindu - Tibetan culture, wildlife, stunning and snow-capped mountain scenario, greenery of forests are the major fascinating elements of Manaslu Circuit Trekking Manaslu region lies to the north-west of Kathmandu valley. Manaslu region is also the home of the eight highest mountain in the world, Manaslu (8,163m). The Manaslu circuit trek begins from Kathmandu valley where we will travel by road to the beautiful Manaslu region for trekking. Mt. Manaslu is sometimes called the 'Japanese Mountain' Manaslu Circuit Trek is a unique cultural trekking adventure that takes trekkers through the heart of the isolated Manaslu region of Nepal. With the towering Mount Manaslu looming over the region, the journey is an excellent trip through the ethnic hallmarks of Nepal's far-off village-scape

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Manaslu circuit trek is best described as an off beat, non-commercial, unspoiled trekking circuit located in the remote western region of Nepal.The trek revolves around the Manaslu Mountain (8163m) which means Spirit Mountain. Like its name, the trek provides an opportunity to trekkers for. Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you around Manaslu, the world eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft). The trail is quite exposed and challenging in places. We ascend the Gandaki River valley, which is fed by innumerable rivers and waterfalls, offering the chance of a plunge into some bathing pools Manaslu Circuit Trek is categorized as one of the most amazing remote area treks in Nepal. Embark into an adventurous trek to the lap of mountain Manaslu, also known as the mountain of the spirit. Regarded as World's eighth highest mountain, standing high at a height of 8,163m, the hypnotic view of mount Manaslu has been alluring avid trekkers and the number increases every year

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This is a detailed itinerary for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. I will try to detail the whole route through and mention the notable points and information. There are many small villages that one would pass through and could stop at, but I would only highlight the more prominent ones The Manaslu Circuit Trek offers lodge accommodations. ITINERARY. DAY 1 Arrive Kathmandu. Welcome to colorful Kathmandu where our friendly Ultimate Expeditions representative will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel. During this meet and greet your guide will discuss the daily activities of your trip Manaslu Circuit: scoprire il Nepal a piedi - Parte 1; Dal Monginevro a Peipinattraversamento Alpi concluso! Perdonateci l'assenzapassiamo all'essenza! 2 Commenti. Laura il 19 Ottobre 2017 alle 18:22 . Che viaggio fantastico! Grazie per farlo vivere un pó anche a noi! Rispondi Manaslu Circuit trek is probably the best trek in Nepal. Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain(8163m) in the world. Mt.Manaslu lies in the Gorkha district. Normally, very few people have visited the Manaslu region Manaslu Circuit Itinerary. Day 1 - Arrival Day. Personal welcome at Kathmandu Airport and transfer to your hotel in the tourist district of Thamel. After a short briefing on our trip plans you will be able to go out to explore the local temples and markets. Day 2 - Kathmandu City Tou #149458199 - Saula mountain peak view from Lho village, Manaslu circuit trekking.. Immagini simili . Aggiungi alla Likebox #150123275 - Trekking girl on the way to Ice lake, Annapurna Circuit Trek,.. Immagini simili . Aggiungi alla Likebox.

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