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Welcome to the research group of Prof. Dr. Peter Chen.The study of fundamentals of transition metal catalysis is our main goal. We employ mass spectrometry, computational methods and solution experiments for a detailed understanding and reaction development.In the wake of this we are building mass spectrometers and are improving computational methods (especially the description of dispersion. Zeolites are important catalysts for industry. However, the performance of today's catalysts based on zeolites, which also contain tin, titanium or zirconium atoms, cannot be further improved This website is of the Electrochmical Energy Systems laboratory at ETH Zurich. This is research group is lead by Maria Lukatskaya

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This year's Chemtogether is cancelled. Again in 2021, over two days, a total of eighteen companies from the chemical industry will be present and offer information on careers in their field Our vision is a chemical industry that serves society with innovations based on sustainable process and product technologies.We recognize that responsible and carefully integrated development of chemical technology is the key to further progresses toward sustainability in safety, public health and environmental protection CIFEX - CISD File EXchanger User: Password

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The Zenobi Group is part of Zurich Exhalomics, a flagship project of HMZ. It aims at developing real-time breath analysis with SESI-MS. More Infos: Zurich Exhalomics Websit Chem. Int. Ed. 2019. A heterogeneous single-atom palladium catalyst surpassing homogeneous systems for Suzuki coupling Nat. Nanotechnol. 2018. All news. Prof. Javier Pérez Ramírez Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering Phone: +41 4463 37120 | E-mail: jpr@chem.ethz.ch. Imprint | Disclaimer.

At the moment, we do not have open positions. However, we are always looking for the talented scientists to join our group. Interested candidates should contact Prof. Lukatskaya with a C.V. and a cover letter (including a brief summary of previous research accomplishments, motivation for joining the group, and contact information for references) Course material: https://fml.sp.ethz.ch. Course description: During the course, students will actively develop a product within small groups. Each group will choose a project and go through all the steps of the product development (ideation, design, prototyping. 2004-2009: Studies in chemistry at the Universität Stuttgart, Germany. 2007: BASF-Förderpreis for excellent studies in chemistry. 2007-2008: Research Exchange with U. H. F. Bunz at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US ETH Zurich. Where the future begins. Situated in the heart of Europe, yet forging con­nec­tions all over the world, ETH Zurich is pioneering solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow

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  1. We are a family. Inst. f. Chemie- u. Bioing.wiss. HCI F 117. Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10. 8093 Züric
  2. Research highlights & Group news. A sensitive and straightforward colorimetric test on paper to detect dangerous food toxin
  3. Check out these recent publications from the Carreira lab: R. C. Sarott, M. Westphal, P. Pfaff et al., JACS, 2020, ASAP. Development of High-Specificity Fluorescent Probes to Enable Cannabinoid Type 2 Receptor Studies in Living Cell
  4. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 12604-12608. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201907359 Substituent-controlled, Mild Oxidative Fluorination of Iodoarenes: Synthesis and Structural Study of Aryl I(III)- and I(V)-Fluorides Joel Häfliger, Cody Ross Pitts, Dustin Bornemann, Roland Käser, Nico Santschi, Julie Charpentier, Elisabeth Otth, Nils Trapp, René Verel.
  5. CLICAPS-Katalog. WebOPAC des Informationszentrums Chemie Biologie Pharmazie der ETH Zürich
  6. Institute for Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics Department of Environmental Systems Science ETH Zürich Universitätstr. 16, Room CHN G 48 CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerlan

Welcome! We are students and scientists from around the world, working in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and associated disciplines. The core of our research is the development of new reactions and the synthesis of organic molecules CH-8093 Zurich. Opening Hours Semester Monday-Friday 08.00-20.00. Opening Hours Semester Break Monday-Friday 08.00-20.00 Saturday 09.00-17.00. External visitors Monday-Friday 08.00-18.00. Google Maps Directions. Telephone: +41 44 632 30 66 Email: infodesk(at)chem.ethz.ch Internet: www.infozentrum.ethz.ch The research interest of the Polymer Chemistry Group is mainly within the field of synthetic chemistry, directed primarily towards the creation of structurally novel linear polymers, highly branched dendronized polymers and sheet-like polymers.. Besides methodological developments fundamental questions are also being addressed. They include how to tune the cross-sectional thickness of polymer. Bernhard Jaun retired as head of the NMR-facility and as group leader by the end of February 2013. He remains associated with the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry as a retired Honorary Professo

[Chem. Mater.] Highly Efficient Green Solution Processable OLEDs Based on a Phosphorescent Κ3-(N^C^C)Gold(III)-Alkynyl Complex. 28.01.2020. Together with the Nevado group at UZH, we developed a highly electroluminescent organic compund, based on. Contact. Central Administration: / HCI D292.7 . HCI-Shop: / HCI D292.5 . Articles not on stock: / HCI D292.8. Accounting: / HCI D292.8 . Requests preferred via e-mai Inhibition of efflorescence in mixed organic-inorganic particles at temperatures less than 250 K Bodsworth, A., B. Zobrist and A. K. Bertram Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 12, 12259- 12266, 2010 Anthropogenic forcing of the Northern Annular Mode in CCMVal-2 models Morgenstern, O, Akiyoshi, H, Bekki, S,.

An overarching theme of our research is the development of small molecules with functions that are fulfilled in nature by large macromolecules Short Course on Continuous Chromatography for Biotherapeutics. 8 th - 12 th September 2019 ETH Zürich, Switzerland Course Director: Prof. Massimo Morbidelli Organizers: Dr. Thomas Müller-Späth, Ingrid Groebli Copat and others Chem. Int. Ed. by the Piel Lab. 12.08.2020. University of Berne (CH) Probing intestinal mucosal responses with auxotrophic Salmonella Seminar Webpage. Cutting Edge Topics: Immunology and Infection Biology usually Tuesdays at 17:15, via Zoom. 06.10.2020 Host: Prof. Federica Sallusto

The Manganese(I)‐Catalyzed Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones: Disclosing the Macrocyclic Privilege, A. Passera, A. Mezzetti, Angew.Chem Our 600 m 2 lab space offers 38 fully equipped fume hoods, 4 gloveboxes, a walk-in fridge, and modern instrumentation to purify and analyze both small and large molecules Q-Chem is a comprehensive ab initio quantum chemistry package for accurate predictions of molecular structures, reactivities, and vibrational, electronic and NMR spectra. The new release of Q-Chem 4 represents the state-of-the-art of methodology from the highest performance DFT/HF calculations to high level post-HF correlation methods

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Chem] Microfluidic Shrinking Droplet Concentrator for Analyte Detection and Phase Separation of Protein Solutions 06.04.2020 Congratulations to Marie for the publication of her article Chem. Eur. J. 2001, 7, 3342 - 3347 Abstract. H. Wennemers, Combinatorial Chemistry: A Tool for the Discovery of New Catalysts Comb. Chem. High Throughput Screening 2001, 4, 273 - 285 (Review) M. Conza, M. Nold, H. Wennemers Sequence-selective Binding of Small Peptides by Two-armed Receptors ECSOC-4 2000, 1334 - 133 ETH Zurich Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Prof. Karl-Heinz Altmann Deputy Department Head Department of Chemistry and Applied Bioscience The background work of the Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE) department is a major reason that ETH Zurich has come through the coronavirus crisis relatively unscathed Chem. Rev.,2016,116(2), pp 323-421 . C-H Bond Activation to Organometallic Intermediates on Isolated Metal Centers on Oxide Surfaces. C. Copéret. Chem. Rev.2010,110, 656. High Resolution Solid State NMR Spectroscopy in Surface Organometallic Chemistry: Access to Molecular Understanding of Active Sites of Well-defined Heterogeneous Catalysts. F

Prof. Javier Pérez Ramírez Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences | ETH Hönggerberg HCI E125, Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1, CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerlan Affiliations. ACS Division of Chemical Toxicology : http://www.acschemtox.org/ Society of Toxicology: https://www.toxicology.org/ Swiss Society of Chemistry: http. Applications including a motivation letter, a CV, 2-3 recommendation letters (preferably sent by the referees), transcripts and any other relevant documents should be sent to: Dr. Kostiantyn Kravchyk (kravchyk@inorg.chem.ethz.ch) and Prof. Maksym Kovalenko (mvkovalenko@ethz.ch)

Here you can search for publications of the Hilvert Group from 2009 until today. (adapted from the D-CHAB publication list). Lists of older publications can be found here: Pre-2009 For publications of the Kast Group, follow this link The first rotationally resolved spectrum of CH 4 + J. Chem. Phys., 110 (5), 2309-2311 (1999) doi: 10.1063/1.477965. 11. R. Signorell and F. Merkt Artifacts in PFI-ZEKE photoelectron spectroscopy, in The role of Rydberg states in spectroscopy and photochemistry: low and high Rydberg states.

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2020. M. Schroffenegger, N.S. Leitner, G. Morgese, S.N. Ramakrishna, M. Willinger, E.M. Benetti, E. Reimhult Polymer Topology Determines the Formation of Protein. Rodrigues, T., Reker, D., Schneider, P. and Schneider, G. (2016) Counting on natural products for drug design. Nature Chem. 8, 531-542.; Friedrich, L., Rodrigues, T. The mighty cinchonidine: A diastereomeric surface complex in the asymmetric hydrogenation of ketopantolactone on chirally modified Pt is monitored by in situ ATR‐IR spectroscopy, in combination with.

Access to this database is restricted to the ethz.ch domain due to licensing reasons. If you have any technical problems or questions about access rights, please contact the Database Helpdesk. Courses. Courses are held by appointment. Scope and content can be determined as required. Tutorials. Quick Reference Guide von Elsevier (external link 87. Tailoring Polymer Dispersity by Mixing Chain Transfer Agents in PET-RAFT Polymerization. K. Parkatzidis, N. P. Truong, M. N. Antonopoulou, R. Whitfield, A. Anastasaki Polym. Chem. 2020, 11, 4968-4972 -This work was selected by handling editors and referees in Polymer Chemistry as a HOT article, made available free of charge until 19 September 2020 [ Applications including a motivation letter, a CV, 2-3 recommendation letters (preferably sent by the referees), transcripts and any other relevant documents should be sent to: Dr. Kostiantyn Kravchyk (kravchyk@inorg.chem.ethz.ch) and Prof. Maksym Kovalenko (mvkovalenko@ethz.ch) or through our online application portal The Mathematics Department (D-MATH) is responsible for Mathematics instruction in all programs of study at the ETHZ. For students concentrating in Mathematics, the Department offers a rich and carefully coordinated program of courses and seminars in a broad range of fields of pure and applied mathematics. The curriculum is designed to acquaint students with fundamental mathematical concepts. 2020. Watch our new video demonstrating SCINE Chemoton here!. Stephanie Grimmel won an award for the best poster presentation in computational chemistry at the Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting in August.. We released SCINE Sparrow 2.0.1 in June. Check it out at scine.ethz.ch!. In April 2020, we released SCINE Sparrow 2.0.0 and SCINE ReaDuct 2.0.0

337 Activation of Copper Species on Carbon Nitride for Enhanced Activity in the Arylation of Amines. E. Vorobyeva, V. C. Gerken, S. Mitchell, A. Sabadell-Rendón, R. 266. Colloidal HgTe Quantum Dot/Graphene Phototransistor with a Spectral Sensitivity Beyond 3 µm M. Grotevent, C.U. Hail, S. Yakunin, D. Bachmann, M. Calame, D.

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Chem. Int. Ed. by the Piel Lab. 12.08.2020. Posttranslational arginases provide a ribosomal route to non‐proteinogenic ornithine residues in diverse peptide sequences. New Nature Chemistry Paper by the Piel Lab. 11.08.2020. A monodomain class II terpene cyclase assembles complex isoprenoid scaffolds Name Room Phone E-Mail; West, Christopher: HCI F 207 +41 44 633 0861: Ishizuka, Shinnosuke, Dr. HCI F 209 +41 44 633 4964: David, Grégory, Dr. HCI F 213 +41 44 633 736 Prof. Dr. Philippe H. Hünenberger, HCI G233, tel. 25503, , www.csms.ethz.ch Language The lecture is given in German , but all the written material , including the lecture slides and exercise scripts, is entirely in Englis 34. Synthesis, Characterization and Diverse Reactivity of a Hypervalent Iodine‐Based Nitrooxylating Reagent R. Calvo, A. Tellier, T. Nauser, D. Rombach, D. Nater. 18 Magazines from INORG.CHEM.ETHZ.CH found on Yumpu.com - Read for FRE

Tracing bottom water oxygenation with sedimentary Mn/Fe ratios in Lake Zurich, Switzerland Sebastian Naehera,b,⁎, Adrian Gillic, Ryan P. Northb,d, Yvonne Hamannc, Carsten J. Schuberta a Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Department of Surface Waters — Research and Management, Seestrasse 79, CH-6047 Kastanienbaum, Switzerlan www.sust-chem.ethz.ch; V-Card (vcf, 1kb) Additional information. Curriculum Vitae. Konrad Hungerbühler has been full Professor for Safety & Environmental Technology at the Institute for Chemical and Bio-Engineering, ETH Zurich, since the beginning of 1994 If you are interested please send applications to bode@org.chem.ethz.ch and info@synplechem.com . October 2017 - CPhI. If you want to learn how to make synthesis very easy and how you can increase your efficiency in the lab please visit us at the CPhI for a chat Mittente: Helma Wennemers <Wennemers@org.chem.ethz.ch [1]> Destinatario: <segreteria@soc.chim.it [2]> Dear Dr. Spadoni with sadness I have to tell you that your honorary member Prof. Duilio Arigoni has passed away last week on June 10th. He was a giant in th 141, 370 - 387 (2019) J. Am. Chem. Soc. doi: 10.1021/jacs.8b10290 2018 Miton CM, Jonas S , Fischer G, Duarte F, Mohamed MF, van Loo B, Kintses B, Kamerlin SCL, Tokuriki N, Hyvönen M, Hollfelder F. Evolutionary repurposing of a sulfatase: A new Michaelis complex leads to efficient transition state charge offset

Rigorously peer reviewed by a team of professional editors and external editorial board. Celebrating the diversity of our content across the chemical sciences CH-8093 Zürich Switzerland: Matthias Ernst Lavendelweg 2 CH-8050 Zürich Switzerland: By phone: +41-44-632-4366 +41-44-291-1978: By fax: +41-44-632-1621-By e-mail: maer@ethz.ch: maer@gmx.ch: Home Resumé Research Personal Publications Links . Solid-State NMR Physical Chemistry Chemistry ETH . Comments to Matthias Ernst (maer@nmr.phys.chem.ethz.ch Title:ETH Zürich - Homepage. Ethz.ch rapporto : L'indirizzo IP primario del sito è,ha ospitato il Switzerland,Zurich, IP: ISP:Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich TLD:ch CountryCode:CH Questa relazione è aggiornata a 13-08-202 The thermal [2+2] cycloaddition-retroelectrocyclization (CA‐RE) reaction between a range of alkynes, activated by electron‐donating anilino (p‐H 2 NC 6 H 4 ‐) substituents, and the electron‐deficient olefins tetracyanoethene (TCNE) and 7,7,8,8‐tetracyano‐p‐quinodimethane (TCNQ) delivered anilino‐substituted polycyanobutadienes (PCBDs)

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Motivierte Chemiestudenten mit ausgeprägter Leidenschaft für synthetische organische Chemie, Metallorganik und Katalyse, die Interesse haben an einer Diplomarbeit in der Gruppe Peters, werden gebeten sich zu bewerben. Bitte kontaktieren Sie für weitere Details und Themenvorschläge peters@org.chem.ethz.ch J. Chem. Phys. 149(3), 031102 (2018) doi: 10.1063/1.5043186; M. Beyer, and F. Merkt Hyperfine-interaction-induced g/u mixing and its implication on the existence of the first excited vibrational level of the A + 2 Σ u + state of H 2 + and on the scattering length of the H + H + collision J. Chem. Phys. 149(21), 214301:1-14 (2018) doi: 10. Professor Martin Quack . ETH Zürich . Laboratorium für Physikalische Chemie CH-8093 Zürich Switzerland. Phone ++41 -44- 632 44 21 Fax ++41 -44- 632 10 2 Name: Phone *: Room: E-mail Group Leader: Prof. Martin Quack: 2-4421: HCI E 235: quack AT ir.phys.chem.ethz.ch Secretary: Ruth Sch pbach: 2-4422: HCI F 20

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  1. Information on the coronavirus. The ETH task force headed by the Vice President for Infrastructure is monitoring developments in the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to draw up suitable measures as necessary
  2. The increasing prevalence of drug‐resistant strains of malaria‐causing Plasmodium parasites necessitates the development of therapeutic agents that inhibit new biochemical targets. We herein describe the design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation of a class of inhibitors that target the malarial aspartic proteases known as the plasmepsins
  3. formatics, and their application to gain insights into challenging biological and chemical questions.. More about our research can be found here
  4. About us. The research at the Institute spans a broad range of topics in modern Cellular Biochemistry, with a focus on the molecular analysis of complex cellular processes such as the dynamics of cellular and sub-cellular organization and its control in dividing and non-dividing cells
  5. a. (ACS Cent. Sci., 2015, 1 (6), pp 313-319.
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lynne.mccusker@mat.ethz.ch schweizer@org.chem.ethz.ch dunitz@org.chem.ethz.ch: Record Number : 1221: Group crystal: Back to List Wichtiger Hinweis: Diese Website wird in älteren Versionen von Netscape ohne graphische Elemente dargestellt. Die Funktionalität. tiseni@org.chem.ethz.ch: Marian Zajac +41 44 633 49 45: zajac@org.chem.ethz.ch: Zhuoqun Xin +41 44 633 41 51 xin@org.chem.ethz.ch Wichtiger Hinweis: Diese Website wird in älteren Versionen von Netscape ohne graphische Elemente dargestellt. Die. We investigate the dynamics of molecules on their natural time scales of femtoseconds (1 fs=10-15 s) to attoseconds (1 as=10-18 s). The central interest of our research is the characterization of the electronic structure and dynamics of the valence shell of molecules An integral part of our synthesis work is focused on the control of particle size, shape and surface properties, which are all critical parameters on the way to use the particles as tailor-made building blocks for the fabrication of 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional macroscopic materials CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland. Phone: +41 44 632 30 62 Fax: +41 44 632 11 89 e-mail: scheringer(-at-)usys.ethz.ch. Positions held . Senior Scientist, Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zürich, since 2018

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  1. Our group is engaged in the total synthesis of bioactive NPs from a variety of biological sources, including NPs that are produced by terrestrial plants, fungi or bacteria as well as organisms from the marine environment
  2. Publications. 2016. McCusker, L.B. and Baerlocher, Ch. Zeolites in International Tables for Crystallography: Volume H. Powder Diffraction, in press. 2015. Smeets, S.
  3. Confidential mediation service for scientific staff and students of D-CHAB. Founded in 2020, the D-CHAB Helpdesk is a safe space to ask questions and to share your concerns in a strictly confidential environment
  4. CH-8093 Zürich Switzerland: Phone +41-44-632-4366: Fax +41-44-632-1621: E-mail: maer@nmr.phys.chem.ethz.ch: Present Occupation: Adjunct Professor (Titularprofessor) and senior scientist at the Laboratorium für Physikalische Chemie, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland
  5. Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand. - is a famous saying attributed to Confucian philosopher Xun Zi, which inspired the latest revision of the bachelor curriculum in Materials Science offered by our Department. The first students are due to start this September, and there is a lot of excitement mixed with apprehension due to the ongoing covid-19.

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This website has a permanent redirection to infozentrum.ethz.ch . Last checked on Oct 13, 2014 - 03:24 . Website Ping Test: infochembio.ethz.ch down? Other Webutation Sites: origo.ethz.ch - 100% bankingportal.ksklb.de - 100% mecheng.ucl.ac.uk - 100% berwick. This method was able to successfully reproduce various experimental measurements for the rate constant of these reactions. However, it was not able to reproduce the faster-than-expected rate of Mu + C3H8 at 300 K reported by Fleming et al. [Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015, 17, 19901 and Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2020, 22, 6326] Inst. f. Chemie- u. Bioing.wiss. ETH Zürich, HCI G 133 Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10 8093 Zürich SWITZERLAN Catalytic Strategies to Enantiopure Benzoins: Past and Future, L. De Luca, A. Mezzetti, Synthesis 2019, 52, 353. DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1691529 Short-term risk forecasts of severe weather W. Schmid, S. Mecklenburg and J. Joss Phys. Chem. Earth (B), 25, 1335-1338, 2000 A variational dealiasing technique Wüest, M., U. Germann and W. Schmid Phys. Chem. Earth (B), 25 (10-12), 1179-1183; (or included in an updated form, 200

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  1. Suzuki, K.; Takikawa, H.; Hachisu, Y.; Bode, J. W. Isoxazole-directed pinacol rearrangement: stereocontrolled approach to angular stereogenic centers Angew. Chem.
  2. allen.puente@chem.ethz.ch. Manoj Ravi. PhD Student at ETH Zurich +41 78 751 90 83. allen.puente@chem.ethz.ch. Ilia Sadykov +41 56 310 32 73. ilia.sadykov@psi.ch. Julian Theodor Claudius Wennmacher. PhD Student +41 56 310 31 70. julian.wennmacher@psi.ch. Guests / Internships. Dr. Muhammad Athar. Guest Scientis
  3. Peter Lab Publications 2003 - present 2020. Birkeland, E.S., Koch, L.M., Dechant, R., (2020) Another Consequence of the Warburg Effect? Metabolic Regulation of Na+/H+ Exchangers May Link Aerobic Glycolysis to Cell Growth
  4. Chem. Eur. J. 2016, 22, 15629-15633. DOI Chemo- and Regioselective Functionalization of Polyols through Catalytic C(sp 3 )−C(sp 3 ) Kumada-Type Coupling of Cyclic Sulfate Ester
  5. Page URL: https://video.ethz.ch:443/events/2019/quantum_chem.html 20.07.2020 © 2020 Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichEidgenössische Technische.
  6. Experience. 2013 Master Thesis, Prof. M. Morbidelli, ETH Zurich, Investigation of pH-induced Metabolic Switch by Flux Balance and Gene Expression Analysis. 2012 Bioanalysis Assistant, Prof. M. Morbidelli, ETH Zurich. 2012 Research Project, Weingarth D., Kötz R., Investigation of stability limits for electrochemical double layer capacitors (supercapacitors
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Last update: July 2010Engineered Metalloenzymes with Non‐Canonical Coordination[Angew
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